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Dustin, a young man on a journey, finds himself alone in a Midwestern town on the verge of one of the most catastrophic natural disasters to ever touch down. Tornado focuses on the encounters Dustin has as he makes his way into shelter and has to ride out the devastating storm. He meets an old trucker, a surly bartender, and a man referred to simply as, “The Drunk”.


A riveting journey.

13,000 words.


Reviews for Tornado –

Sucks you in from the first page

“This was my first time reading anything written by TJ Childers and, after having finished “Tornado”, will certainly not be my last. Childers gripped my attention from the beginning and never let it go. The atmosphere that the author is able to create allows the reader to immerse themselves in the writing until they can almost picture themselves performing Dustin’s actions. Concise and we’ll crafted, “Tornado” is a great read for stormy nights or for someone looking for a thrilling, albeit quick, read.” – JACK T


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