The Pianist, The Witch, and The Dog

The Pianist, The Witch, and The Dog

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The story centers on Eduardo Sanchez, a world renowned pianist, who is a prick. After ignoring an encore from ravenous fans Eduardo kicks a dying animal. In the back of the alley a witch brews her own version of justice for Eduardo.

A quirky story of revenge.
3007 words.

Reviews for The Pianist, The Witch, and The Dog –

“There once was a story¬†and it started a bit like this:

“There once was a pianist named Eduardo Sanchez. He was widely considered the best in the land. The one thing no one knew, or at least didn’t care to admit, was that Eduardo Sanchez was a complete prick.”

That beginning, with its sing-song rhythm, is deceptive. It’s the first, but not the only, surprising thing about this story. The whole premise and the flow of the plot are, much like the beginning, rhythmic and predictable, only to be surprising in the end. How can a revenge story be re-told in a way that’s new to a reader? Well, this short story is a good way to start. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. This story is told — not just told in a figurative sense, but definitely told, with a narrator whose voice is distinct and notable — in a way to tell a oft-told moral. At the same time, the moral is not at the forefront. It’s woven into the narrative. That’s, partly, what made this story very enjoyable for me.

The writing is excellent, and the characters interesting. The witch sounds like she could feature in her own series. Even Eduardo, for all his prick-ishness, is likable. I highly recommend this story to anyone who likes entertaining fiction.”Aquilla