WHo am i?

My name is T. J. Childers. I write stories that some love, others hate, and most haven't read.

I am primarily a short story writer. I love how a quick story can be an unexpected emotional jab. Whether it's a laugh that slipped out, a smile you didn't know was in you, or a sudden intense feeling of dread, short stories allow you to experience those unique thrills in a much more consumable time frame.

I started writing during college. My first real story was written as an assignment and the process of imagining, creating, and putting a finished product on paper was an overwhelmingly life-changing experience. After I had written a few more, and allowed others to read them, I realized that words, and stories, have the power to make someone feel... and I was able to write some of those stories.

Years have gone by and life finds a way to catch up with you, but writing stories will always be a way for me to tell a story that hopefully you enjoy.

I am also a photographer. Like writing, its a form of expression that allows an individual to create their own stories by just looking at a picture. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. While different from writing a story, photography allows me to express a scene, a mood, an action, or anything else that can be interpreted a million different ways. Its another form of expression that inspires my creative soul. For more info on my photography you can click the menu button above or go to www.TJCsPhotography.com