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Bingo, and Other Short Stories is a collection of stories by author TJ Childers. The collection contains 6 stories ranging from humorous to dramatic.

Photograph – 819 words – A woman on death row is consoled by a priest. She has forbidden any visitors and only gets to see her family through photographs.

Garden Snake – 360 words – A whimsical story about a boy and the garden snake that lives in his backyard.

Valentine’s Day – 855 words – Walter is out with his wife at a fancy restaurant for their anniversary. Everything is going as normal until the couple next to them take a giant step in their relationship.

Karma – 272 words – Frank, a pervert, gets his comeuppance in a humorous way.

Geoff George – 763 words – A group of friends has enough with one of their more arrogant members.

Bingo – 837 words – A grandson is tasked with keeping his sickly grandmother from her usual bingo night while his parents are out. Things don’t go as planned.


Reviews for Bingo –

“I’m not a big fan of short stories, but every once in a while a collection of shorts comes along that is just too good to pass up. This was the case with BINGO and Other Short Stories by T.J. Childers.
PHOTOGRAPH, the first in the group, is a touching and haunting tale. I laughed out loud after reading GARDEN SNAKE, and VALENTINE’S DAY was terrific! My husband who never reads fiction borrowed my kindle and his personal favorite was GEOFF GEORGE.

Self-published on only available as an eBook or download), this young author from Hillside, New Jersey has a strong voice and a pleasingly quirky style. T.J. Childers is someone to watch and I’m looking forward to the next book from this fresh new writer!”Lynn Kimmerle, Monarch Book Reviews